About Me

I am a Prime Minister’s Research Fellow (May 2019 batch) in the Department of Electrical Communication Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, where I am being advised by Prof. Himanshu Tyagi. Before starting my PhD in 2019, I completed my M.Tech (Research) in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, under the supervision of Prof. Kunal N. Chaudhury.

Email: adityavs [at] iisc [dot] ac [dot] in

Research: My research interests lie in statistics, information theory, and optimization. Currently, I am working on problems in distributed statistical inference under information constraints. Examples of information constraints include communication constraints, privacy constraints, constraints on data-access (for instance, can access only certain linear measurements of high-dimensional data). The goal of my research is to design provably optimal algorithms (optimal in terms of, say, sample complexity) in non-asymptotic regime for statistical tasks in information-constrained settings, the ultimate goal being to abstract out a unifying principle at work behind such algorithms.


  • Optimal Rates for Nonparametric Density Estimation under Communication Constraints [arXiv]
    Jayadev Acharya, Clément L. Canonne, Aditya Vikram Singh, Himanshu Tyagi
    Accepted for poster presentation at NeurIPS 2021

  • On Uniquely Registrable Networks [arXiv]
    Aditya Vikram Singh, Kunal N. Chaudhury
    IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering (2020)
    Oral presentation at ICASSP 2019

  • An Iterative Eigensolver for Rank-Constrained Semidefinite Programming [manuscript]
    Rajat Sanyal, Aditya Vikram Singh, Kunal N. Chaudhury
    Oral presentation at NCC 2019

  • Convergence Analysis of Nonconvex ADMM for Rigid Registration [arxiv]
    Aditya Vikram Singh, Kunal N. Chaudhury



Theoretical and Algorithmic Aspects of Rigid Registration [pdf]
M.Tech (Research), Indian Institute of Science, 2019